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Jewellery Brands You Will Want To Know

While life in the age of comfortable fashion inevitably means the longing for this nightly dress or beloved heels on the back of your closet, it also means that accessories — namely jewelry — had a moment to shine like never before. Brands have become creative, Etro has reinterpreted the popular pearl jewelry trend of childhood, while Givenchy and Louis Vuitton have cemented the endurance of chain link chains. Nevertheless, the best hidden gems and unique depictions of your favorite trends are often found in the studios of smaller brands around the world and not in the well-known fashion houses we’ve loved for years.

From unorthodox gold designs to the modern and increased inclusion of colors to pieces with healing crystals, the coolest jewelry brands available in 2021 are the lesser-known ones that offer the possibility of self-expression through accessorization. And the best part is that you don’t have to worry about everyone you know owning exactly the same items.

We have compiled a list of 13 cool under-the-radar jewelry brands that you can buy now. Your most worn piece of 2021 expected.

Gypsies Of Knature

Gypsy by Knature highlights everyday jewelry with a unique attention to Detail and Texture. Inspired by the women of Brooklyn, New York and their travels in East Asia, self-taught designer Anishka Booker takes layered necklaces and stackable rings to new heights.

Jenny Bird

While many vibrant jewelry brands tend to lean on gold over silver or vice versa, Jenny Bird creates a home for lovers of both. With classic pieces at its core, the beauty of the brand lies in its ability to mix tones and reinvent jewelry clasps such as stud earrings and hoop earrings for the modern woman.

We Dream In Color

Founded in New York City, this brand produces larger-than-life jewelry that feels both playful and elegant and does so effortlessly. The name gives way to exactly what you can expect: a colorful yet portable selection that ranges from different shades of green to poppy violets, while incorporating elements of nature such as leaves, flowers and birds.

I know

Decorated with healing crystals and often accompanied by the philosophical Slogan, “The future of fashion is humility” is JéBlanc the Statement jewellery line, which goes hand in hand with a sense of purpose and immediate editorial appeal. Handcrafted by Los Angeles-born designer Jeniece Blanchet in Georgia, Jéblanc’s spiral structural earrings are known to sell out quickly and are already loved by celebrities such as Tracee Ellis Ross and Jasmine Sullivan.

Ochre handmade

A look at ochre handmade and it’s no wonder designer Lauren Quinn, who produces each piece by hand alone, is called the ‘Marble Queen.”With the thoughtful use of color and the artistic layering of abstract forms by The Ocher Handmade, everything from the brand will inevitably be a conversation starter.

Avu Jewelry

Are you a fan of the fun versatility of materials like polymer clay and resin? Enter, Avu jewelry. Although the brand has a colorful collection at first glance, designer Alison Vu often works with muted lilac and orange tones that have as much wear potential as her go – to neutrals.