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Klur’s Surrounding Surfaces Cuticle Oil(Community Care)

There is this famous painting by René Magritte called The Betrayal of images-you probably know it. It’s simple: a painting of a pipe with the words “This is not a pipe” (“this is not a pipe”) under it. It turns out that this is exactly the piece that comes to mind when you consider the new surrounding surfaces of Klur’s aromatic hand and cuticle oil, an early February in honor of Black History Month. On the surface, hand and cuticle oil is just that – a luxurious addition to your Mani at home from a beautician led brand that is currently exploding on Instagram. However, like this tube, it is not just a cuticle oil.

On the one hand, oil is more a gift than a simple transaction. Klur created Surrounding Surfaces to support the Summa Everythang Community Center, a Los Angeles-based organization that provides free organic products to local families. Donate at least sum 44 to Summa Everythang, send your receipt to Klur, and the brand returns a unique Code upon verification to receive your surrounding surface oil. In other words, 100% of the profits from the surrounding areas will be donated to the community resource.

Then there are the ingredients that went into the surrounding surfaces. The oil is made from food waste — avocado and tomato oil-while the fragrance itself was inspired by Klur’s active Instagram community. The End Result? A product that returns waste transforms and centers Klur’s ever-growing fan base.

Ahead, Klur founder Lesley Thornton on care for the community, add a new personal care product to the brand, and how they created a fragrance of thousands.

Why was it time to put a hand oil on the market, and how does this fit into Klur’s work as a whole?

Lesley Thornton: Surrounding Surfaces was inspired by global blocking. With strict stay-at-home orders, we only had our ” surrounding surfaces.””Our hands, souls and emotional states were exhausted and 2020 was exhausting us all. Every day I looked at my poor toes and hands and I craved a real Mani / Pedi. In the grand scheme of things, it didn’t matter, so I started doing hand treatments and Spa nights on my own, which gave me a certain degree of normality.

I wanted to create something that made us feel a little grounded. The idea of functional aromatherapy is essential for the Klur; our sense of smell connects us to memories of the past and the present. The oil itself is like a silk glove, one application looks like you just did a manicure, and the aroma is light and therapeutic; a few days I use it before bed and in my breathing work during the day. By using the surrounding surfaces, we hope it will remind others that “self-care is preparation for collective maintenance” – inspiring people to do more collective good.

What does” Community Care ” mean for Klur?

Thornton: Community Care means true well-being, because if you have a community, you will always be taken care of. People seek communion because it is a basic need; like air, water and food, a sense of communion nourishes our hearts and makes us thrive. Before anyone paid attention, our community always reminded me that there was a place for brands like Klur and that the ideals of eco-inclusivity, humanity and sustainability meant something. We built a community around human similarities and products we love, not products then community.

How is a functional oil formed from food waste?

Thornton: over the past 2.5 years, we have obtained different ingredients and materials for food waste and we have mainly studied how waste by-products can be used rather than getting and growing ingredients. We met a small supplier who experimented with many of the same sustainable concepts. We sprayed a lot of vegetable oils, but the two that worked best on the hands were tomato and avocado oil; both have higher absorption rates. Tomato waste is produced in the manufacture of Ketchup, sauces, juices and dough. Seeds are usually extracted from the tomato and discarded, which is common in food production. Our supplier collects these seeds and extracts by cold pressing a beautiful vegetable oil rich in antioxidants and nutrients.

Once the oil is produced, How does it smell good Klur?

Thornton: the aroma was created using data and data provided by our Instagram community. We surveyed perfume profiles and had thousands of responses. The most popular fragrances were various citrus notes. I took this Feedback and mixed the notes compatible with a therapeutic blend I had created specifically for my mask, which helped calm my anxiety in the early days of the recent times. The result was a beautiful therapeutic blend of sandalwood, sage, sweet orange and eucalyptus.

Why did Klur choose to support Summa EveryThang?

Thornton: first of all, I wanted to celebrate and support a local organization that I knew was doing positive things for the health, well-being and improvement of black people in the Los Angeles area. And last year, I volunteered regularly. I’ve always felt inspired, but I wanted to come back; After a few months of help, I realized that it was not only the best day of the week for me and that everything else could wait, but working with organic products completely changed my relationship with food and helped me heal mentally and body.

Summa EveryThang is a small grassroots organization, and to maintain it requires constant donations and awareness. Black-led nonprofits fall under the Radar and don’t get the support they really need to make real progress, but they are closest to the the field work, and [you] can assess the needs of people in the community better than anyone else.